a Melonz product

Coming soon!

Vestlus is a social media network made by the Melonz Software team. Our goal is to provide you the best social media platform out there. Or something close to that.

Privacy controls at last!

We actually respect your privacy, and don't sell your data to anyone. In fact, we don't even COLLECT much data at all!

Available on anything

We have native software for Windows 10, macOS, iOS, and Android. You can also visit on just about any modern browser.

A powerful marketing tool

Heard all the bad things about Google Adsense? Don't want to use Twitter Ads? Well, I agree! With great features such as Cards and Promoted Accounts, get your marketing game on fleek!*

*You do not need to run an ad to use Vestlus Cards.

...and other stuff

Y'know, easier verification (we know you want that ), MUCH better customer support, that kind of thing.